#SoundOff makes it easy to tweet at elected officials. It’s a free, online advocacy tool developed by HeadCount.org


HeadCount is a nonpartisan organization that has registered 250,000 voters and rallied millions to be informed, active citizens – primarily through our work with musicians. We use culture, technology, and grassroots organizing to drive civic participation.


Social media is the number one forum for political discussion, but very little of that discussion reaches people in power. By directing the conversation at elected officials, we can make Twitter a potent tool to influence policy.


Want to send a message to Congress on an issue you care about? It’s easy.

  1. Visit the action page and pick a campaign. You can scroll through a list of the "Popular" on the left side. Find other choices by searching for a particular topic or sorting by "Recent."
  2. Click on any campaign and information will appear in the upper right. Then hit the red button with the hashtag, enter your zip code and type your message.
  3. Tweet it! SoundOff will automatically fill in your legislators’ handles and the campaign hashtag.

You can also #SoundOff yourself (not part of a campaign), by clicking "Tweet directly @ Congress" and entering your zip. Or click “Senators + Reps” to see a list or Reps and Senators who are getting the most action. Once you do that, other Reps and Senators can be found through the Search bar -- useful if you want to tweet at someone in particular but you’re not in their district.

Advanced Techniques - Click for shortcuts, hidden features, and ways to get your supporters to #SoundOff in fewer steps.


Looking to get your message to Washington in a big way? Start your own campaign. You’ll just need to pick a hashtag and write a short description. Once your campaign is approved, you’ll get a link to your campaign and the code for an embeddable widget (click for example).

Widget Preview

Send the link to friends and supporters. Or, place the widget on a Web page and direct traffic there. You can then log in any view your campaign dashboard to check your stats and responses (click for example).

Dashboard Preview

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If you’re from a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 non-profit organization, you have the option of asking for user email addresses and then downloading those email addresses in a CSV file (yes, you can add them to your mailing list, unless they opt out). If you have any questions about how to start a campaign, email us at [email protected] and we’ll help you out.


At HeadCount, we believe music has unrivaled power to stir people’s souls and rally communities. So, of course, we’re looking to musicians and their fans to help get this off the ground. Check out this Facebook album of musicians who are sounding off on their issues of choice.


Twitter is a great ways to let elected officials know how voters feel. The public nature of it can create transparency. It can put faces and voices behind popular movements. It can unleash citizen power (yeah!!!). Through SoundOff, we can bring concerned citizens, advocacy organizations and every member of Congress into a national conversation. So let’s SoundOff!

Built by Scott Duncombe & designed by Bryan Chiem
SoundOff utilizes The Sunlight Foundation’s Congress API.